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Rotary Club of White Plains, New York

Since Dec 21 we have returned to meeting by Zoom only.
Do not go to the Sonesta til further notice. We are continually reassessing...

2021-22 Club President
Jill Owens


January: Vocational Service Month
Vocational Service focuses on: Adherence to and promotion of the highest ethical standards in all occupations, including fair treatment of employers, employees, associates, competitors, and the public. Vocational Service is at the heart of Rotary, which was founded on the business and professional classification system of membership. Vocational Service is a major force in promoting honor, integrity, and trustworthiness in business.

Today, Thursday, January 27, 2022:   71 active members

We resumed but then suspended again our in-person lunch meetings at noon on Tuesdays (bell rings at 12:15) in the Sonesta Hotel (formerly the Crowne Plaza). So check this website to see if we are on ZOOM or in-person each week. Sometimes on the "4th Tuesday" we hold an early evening meeting instead, starting at 5:15 (check the schedule below). During the pandemic, we held 65 consecutive Zoom meetings, before going back to face-to-face meetings. Unfortunately, after 5 months of hybrid in-person, we returned to online Zoom-only. Visiting Rotarians are always welcome on Zoom or in person.

Upcoming Club Schedule:

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Zoom only starts at 12:15 (punctually). DO NOT GO TO THE SONESTA.
Distinguished Guest Speaker (brought to us by the Social Justice Committee), Aryeh Tuchman Sr. Associate Director, Center for Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League will present a powerful program about anti-Semitic extremism and extremism directed to other groups. You will not want to miss this program!

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Zoom only starts at 12:15 (punctually). DO NOT GO TO THE SONESTA.
Speaker Michael Shalhoub, Esq., all about the game of Curling. Interesting program timed to coincide with the Winter Olympics.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Zoom only starts at 12:15 (punctually). DO NOT GO TO THE SONESTA.
Speaker Robert Snyder, Manhattan Borough Historian and professor emeritus of journalism and American Studies at Rutgers... A former Fulbright lecturer in American Studies in Korea and a member of the New York Academy History, he lives in Manhattan.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Zoom only starts at 12:15 (punctually). Don't go to the Sonesta.
BLACK HISTORY MONTH program - This will be a mid-day program, not an evening meeting, and the agenda is full, so please sign on to Zoom before 12:15 so we can start on time.

No additional future program schedule has been entered yet...

Current club members can access the "members-only" area using their private passwords. Members can read weekly Bulletins, Board minutes, print the photo Roster, edit their own Profiles, check attendance, update the schedule, and so on.

Racial Justice

In Rotary, we have no tolerance for racism. Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Rotary strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.

The Rotary Club of White Plains is part of Rotary International, an organization of 1.2 million individuals from around the world and, consistent with RI's principles, is a multicultural, multiethnic organization welcoming all people. The Club has long been committed to diversity in its membership and leadership.

Our Club supports the recent, peaceful protests addressed to racial injustice and encourages authorities and community leaders to recognize the message being conveyed by these protests and to take all necessary actions to address that message.

Our members acknowledge that racial justice cannot co-exist with systemic racism in our institutions including policing, housing, education, access to affordable healthcare, incarceration and the justice system. We agree the time is now for consistent and concerted efforts to make fundamental changes toward finishing the work of achieving racial equality for everyone.

"To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try."
      - Rosa Parks
Policy statement of the Rotary Club of White Plains
Approved by the Board and published June 28, 2020

A short video by volunteer Steve Buckley introduces the Rotary Club of White Plains.
It highlights many of our activities. Thanks to Steve for a nice tribute video. (duration 2:01)

Rotary Means Business - Westchester meets every fourth Thursday of the month. Currently, we meet via Zoom at 9AM. Meetings are open to everyone whether you are a member of Rotary or not - so I will be happy to provide meeting information for you and your friends and colleagues. Please contact me at for meeting details. Hope to see you soon. Bill Fishman
Rotary Means Business is an R.I. Fellowship focused on helping Rotarians do business. Here in Westchester County, we hold monthly networking meetings open to all - Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike.
Networking: In 1905, our founder Paul Harris conceived Rotary as a way for business and professional men to help and support each other in their businesses. He called it fellowship and mutual helpfulness; today we call it networking. In 1945, Paul Harris explained:
"This new club was called Rotary because in the early days the members met in rotation in their various places of business so that they might come to know one another better.  The heart and soul of the first Rotary Club in Chicago was fellowship...
...and the original idea of mutual helpfulness evolved into the idea of general helpfulness."

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What is Rotary's motto?

Surprise! There are 2 official mottoes.


The White Plains Club's Role in Admitting Women into Rotary

Women were not allowed to be members of Rotary until 1987. White Plains played a meaningful role in changing Rotary's rules to admit women! Thank God we did! Here is the rest of the story. First women inducted as members by an R.I. president were in White Plains!

The first R.I. President to induct women was M.A.T.Caparas who came to White Plains in 1987 to induct Jo Falcone. MAT was a long-time close friend of our member PDG Andy Morzello who arranged the visit to RCWP. MAT passed away at age 97 in 2020. Read Andy Morzello's Tribute/In Memoriam to M.A.T.

Report on the 2019 Loucks Track Meet

Every year -- even during pandemic 2020 -- our Rotary club is a sponsor of the Loucks Games, the largest high school track meet on the East Coast. We are proud of our involvement. (Check out these photos of Charlie Goldberger)

Contribution Summary

We award scholarships every year to students at the high schools in White Plains. In addition, we make contributions to community groups and we support The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Click for a contribution summary. (Alas, this listing is out of date and needs to be updated.)

George Koplinka's Collection of Rotary Stamps!

RCWP member George Koplinka joined our club in 1966 and became interested in postage stamps commemorating Rotary around the world. He soon found a rich history of different countries honoring Rotary by issuing postal stamps, and he bacame a collector. In December 2019 George donated his collection to our club. We have developed a photo archive of some parts of George's collection. It is found in our website "Archives" which can be accessed from the main menu.

The Rotary Club of White Plains is Club 5043, District 7230, Zone 32, Region USCB, Federal tax ID 13-6111471. The "Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains" is tax exempt, New York State #219346, tax ID 13-6165380.

The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540. Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602. Website created August 2001.

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