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1918 - 2010

On behalf of our Rotary District Governor Karl Milde and all Rotarians of our District, we extend our deepest condolences to Ted and his family, and thank you for sharing your Dad and grandfather with us for so many years.

We are gathered in this beautiful church, beloved by Glen, to praise, celebrate and treasure Glen’s life and the values he truly lived everyday of his life. We, also, are here to show those nearest and dearest to Glen that their sense of loss is shared by many friends. We hope that in some way, by showing our appreciation and remembrance, we can help further the sense of a life well lived in joy and hope , a time on this earth well spent – indeed – a heritage of lasting meaning.

Glen created a wonderful heritage for us by his kindness, gentleness, wisdom and joyful presence. His Rotary heritage is monumental in its’ scope, impact and significance.

Glen has been involved in Rotary for many years and in several capacities. He was a very loyal member of the Rotary Club of the Bronx where he served with distinction as President. He was elected Governor of our District in 1986. He guided our Rotarians with a gentle hand and ‘the wisdom of Solomon.’ His achievements as Governor were notable. He spearheaded the campaign for the inoculation of our world’s children against Polio. He established a wonderful team of Rotarians who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Polio inoculations. As a result of his efforts, on this very afternoon, more than 100,000 individuals are living life free of polio. He initiated Rotary’s program for the admission of women to Rotary in our District. His club – the Rotary Club of the Bronx, was the very first club in our District to welcome women into Rotary in 1987. I vividly remember how happy and proud he was when he stood next to the President of Rotary International as the President inducted the first women into the Rotary Club of White Plains in June 1987. This was a truly historic moment because it was the very first time that a Rotary International President inducted women into Rotary, and Glen was there !

He, further, worked diligently on increasing Rotary membership. He knew that in order for us to do more good in the world we needed more Rotarians. So, he undertook the difficult, unglamorous task of increasing membership. He succeeded ! In addition, he reminded us that vocational service is one of the pillars upon which Rotary was founded. He consistently encouraged our Clubs to create for our young people vocational programs and opportunities to enhance their career development.

In the years following his Governorship, Glen dedicated himself to the support of The Rotary Foundation. He lovingly chaired our Rotary Foundation Scholarship Committee to select outstanding college graduates for our post-college ambassadorial scholarships. I remember well how generous and accommodating he was to each candidate in making them comfortable in the interview process. He always, as only Glen could, brought out the very best in each candidate.

He was a founding Director, and for most of the years of its’ existence, the President of our Rotary District Foundation. During those years up to 2008, Glen guided Club funds to many worthy endeavors – disaster relief, water purification efforts in South America, Vitamin A children’s sight-saving programs in the Philippines, literacy and food programs in South Africa, the Mother-Baby AIDS prevention program in the Dominican Republic and an extensive community projects program for our Rotary communities in New York and Bermuda.

All through the years, Glen was always there – in celebrating Club anniversaries, in saluting Paul Harris Fellows, in guiding us with positive advice. There is today a tremendous void in our Rotary District because Glen, who was always there for us, is not now. But, his spirit, his values, his positive influence are still vividly present in a meaningful legacy for us to appreciate and apply in the years to come.

For all of this remarkable service, Glen most deservedly received Rotary’s highest honors: The Certificate of Meritorious Service and The Distinguished Service Award.

On a personal note, Glen and I had a wonderful relationship. He, the late Past District Governor Jack Ruger and Past District Governor Chuck Katze looked upon me lovingly as ‘the Kid’ whom they watched over and guided over the years. Glen and I shared our love for teaching and educational administration. We, also, had another common interest called ‘church.’ We often by phone, e-mail and lunch discussions compared notes about his activities here at Scarsdale Congregational and my efforts at my church. We discussed various theological issues which were lively, inspiring and instructive conversations about our beliefs, values and work at our respective churches. We enjoyed our talks, and I truly miss them.

Finally, I have never seen Glen more proud and happier than when he became a grandfather and great grandfather. His grandchildren were his very precious treasures. After becoming a grandfather, he would sign his e-mails as Grandfather or Great Grandfather Glen. In my last conversation with him which included how much his grand children meant to him, he sweetly concluded ‘Thanks and Good Night, Pop-pee’, the name my granddaughter has given me.

The epitaph of Christopher Wren at St. Paul’s in London, the cathedral he designed, reads “If you would see his monument, look around.” Let me paraphrase it today – ‘If you would see the real monument to Glen Nygreen, the wonderful friend we memorialize today, look around.’ It is on our faces and it is in our hearts touched and enriched by the goodness and joy of Glen Nygreen.

Andrew L. Morzello
February 26, 2010

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