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Rotarian Magazine Articles

George Koplinka saved articles about Rotary stamp collecting from his Rotarian Magazines. These are fun to read (if you're a stamp collector), and there are some nice pictures of stamps (for those non stamp collectors).

Probably all these stamps are in George's collection - - - we would need to ask a real philatelist to study the collection and confirm that!

Here are links to 6 PDFs of articles that George saved from the Rotarian:

  •   1956 Article about collecting Rotary stamps (PDF, 5.3MB)
  •   1971 Pictures - The Rotary Commemoratives (PDF, 4.3MB)
  •   1971 Article - Philatelic tribute to Rotary's 66th anniversary (PDF, 6.5MB)
  •   1976 Rotary Stamps issued by 8 more countries (PDF, 2.7MB)
  •   1980 Tribute on 75th anniversary (PDF, 7MB)
  •   1981 Rotary Stamps Galore!(PDF, 8.5MB)

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