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Rotary Club of White Plains, New York

We meet for lunch on Tuesdays at 12:15 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Sometimes on the "4th Tuesday" we have an evening meeting instead, starting at 5:30, so be sure to check our Upcoming Schedule (below). MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS to Crowne Plaza
Today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020:

84 active members

Upcoming Club Schedule:
Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Our regularly scheduled luncheon will be at the Crowne Plaza at 12:15. Our speaker will be from the White Plains Youth Bureau.
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Our annual Halo Club Meeting will take place this evening at 5:30. We will meet at the bar of the Crowne Plaza to celebrate the induction of Past President Jonathan Schere into the Halo Club. This is a meeting everyone should make every effort to attend.
Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Our regularly scheduled luncheon will be at the Crowne Plaza at 12:15. Our speaker is from BMW. Mr. Freimann will discuss electric mobility with us. It is generally accepted electric cars are the future. Join us to learn more about our future.
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Our regularly scheduled luncheon will be at the Crowne Plaza at 12:15. Our speaker, Peter Steward will discuss his experiences as a member of the Peace Corp/
Monday, March 2, 2020
Our regularly scheduled luncheon will be at the Crowne Plaza at 12:15. Our speaker fellow Rotarian Joe Ricca, Superintendent of the White Plains School District.

2019-20 Club President
Ted Weitzenberg


Current club members can access the "members-only" area using their private passwords. Members can read weekly Bulletins, Board minutes, print the photo Roster, edit their own Profiles, check attendance, update the schedule, and so on.               10 [0]

Quick References  

The 4-Way Test

2019-20 GRANTS
Deadline extended to 2/29/2020


Scholarships Eligibility

Object of Rotary


Rotary Code of Conduct


White Plains Role in Admitting Women

Women were not allowed in Rotary until 1987. White Plains played a meaningful role in changing Rotary's rules to admit women! Thank God we did! Here is the rest of the story. First woman inducted by an R.I. president!

Contribution Summary

We award scholarships every year to students at the high schools in White Plains. In addition, we make contributions to community groups and we support The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Click for a contribution summary.

Report on the 2019 Loucks Track Meet

Every year, Rotary is a sponsor of the Loucks Games, the largest high school track meet on the East Coast. We are proud of our involvement. (Check out these photos of Charlie Goldberger)

Insider Tips for Rotarians

HOW TO INTRODUCE A SPEAKER -- One of the most important jobs for every Rotarian leader, giving a speaker a proper introduction is the most often bungled incident in public speaking. White Plains Member Paul Schwarz gives us this 1-page guideline for how to do it right.

ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER -- Our board meetings can be better run if we follow the rules. It's not that hard to learn and follow Roberts Rules of order, and your meetings will be better.

ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER -- Chart of Motions -- This is an excellent reference chart, a 1-page PDF for those already conversant with Roberts Rules. Main Motions are listed in order of precedence. A motion can be introduced if it is higher on the chart than the pending motion. Incidental Motions have no order of precedence; they arise incidentally and are decided immediately.

ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER -- Common Errors -- Here are a couple of common errors seen in many meetings...

The Rotary Club of White Plains is Club 5043, District 7230, Zone 32, Region USCB, Federal tax ID 13-6111471.
"Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains" is tax exempt, New York State #219346, tax ID 13-6165380.

The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602.
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