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The Rotary Club of White Plains is Club 5043, District 7230, Zone 32, Region USCB, Federal tax ID 13-6111471.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602.

Our "Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains" is tax exempt, New York State #219346, tax ID 13-6165380.

Website created August 2001.

The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540.

Rotary Club of White Plains
Report on 2004 Mission to Ecuador,
South America

By Rotarian Evan L. Delman, September 10, 2004

Report on Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador:

We checked on the progress and status of the fire truck sent to Ecuador in 2000. It was sent to a small city called Bahia de Caraquez in Rotary district 4400. This small city can only be described as Mayberry with Palm trees, a real life Shangri-La. The people were warm, welcoming and a pleasure to be with. They invited us to homes for meals and conversation. Family members escorted us to different sites of interest daily.

At the regularly scheduled meeting, two large duffel bags of clothing were presented to the Rotary Club for distribution to the needy. Club Flags were exchanged.

During the week, local firefighters were instructed on advanced techniques in fire extinguishment and search & rescue (photos will be shown at a upcoming meeting. Additional firefighter protective clothing was given to this small department.

There is a 14 year old boy who is the son of the immediate past local Rotary President. Two years ago he suffered a fractured left elbow. It was treated at a local hospital; however, the treatment was lacking at best. The range of motion of this child’s arm is about 35 degrees out of a total of 90. I have pledged support in bringing this child to the United States for corrective surgery; (if the WP Club does not wish to assist, I will do so independently.)

Report on Guayaquil, Ecuador:

This year we sent a fire truck to Doran, Ecuador, and a full x-ray setup to a charitable hospital in the capital of Ecuador. The Rotary Club in Guayaquil, Ecuador (Rotary district 4400) at no time offered any hospitality or hand of friendship. The Rotary Club in Guayaquil stated that since all the medical equipment we sent was in such good condition, it would be given to the Military, and they were going to keep the fire truck for themselves.

They were informed that the medical equipment was to be given to a Priest that has established a hospital for orphaned children and poverty-stricken women in the Capital of Ecuador, and the fire truck was for a village called Doran that is without any current fire protection. They treated our statements with little regard.

After some heavy-handed persuasion (they were informed I am contacting Rotary International and filing a formal complaint), they agreed to give the priest the x-ray equipment, but they have refused to transfer our fire truck to Doran, leaving that town without any fire protection.

A formal complaint to R.I. on the actions of the Guayaquil Club is forthcoming.


Evan L. Delman


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