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February 21, 2019: Ted and Nancy Nygreen in Acapulco

The Las Brisas Rotary Club meets Friday mornings at 9:00 AM at the beautiful Las Brisas hotel. The club was founded in 2013 and appears to have an enthusiastic, dedicated membership. Here is a photo of us at the end of the meeting, with many of the members who stayed for the picture. Nancy and Ted Nygreen are the two at the end of the second row on the right:

Rotary clubs around the world have similar (but different) agendas, so it is always a treat to visit clubs in other countries and see how they hold their meetings. The Las Brisas club was very friendly, but clearly had a meeting structure.
• Ring the bell; meeting started at 9:00 –
• Salute to the Flag
• Round-robin each member stands and introduces himself (Nancy and I each did that also)
• One member reads the 4-way test
• Another member reads the Object of Rotary
• A few announcements
• Lots of chit-chat
• Speaker begins his presentation with 7-minute video, after which he spoke for 45 minutes or so...
• Many questions and discussion followed
• One member excused himself at 11:00 due to an appointment – he went around the table and said goodbye to each person personally
• Another member said goodbye at about 11:15, but didn’t say adios individually
• Rang the bell to end the meeting at 11:30 ish

Nancy and Ted Nygreen on the balcony of the Las Brisas hotel, right outside the dining room following an enjoyable breakfast meeting with the Rotary Club:


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