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RCWP Member Listing 9/19/2020 (90)

Alarcon, Jenny  [minister, charitable organization]
Baker, Mike  [Finance - Fixed Investments]
Beilenson, Nick  [Book Publisher - Retired]
Bel, Barbara  [Accounting - CPA]
Bergins, Paul  [Law - Municipal]
Bernstein, Ira  [Optometry]
Boone-Morgan, Rosa  [Human Services]
Boykin, Ben  [Government - County Legislator] (honorary)
Bright, Harry  [Government - Retired]
Bronzo, Paul  [Finance - Wealth Advisor]
Buchwald, David  [Government - NYS 93rd Assembly District] (honorary)
Davis, Brenda  [Social Worker - Retired]
de Leeuw, Gawain  [Religion - Episcopal]
DeNicola, Peter  [Accounting - CPA]
Djukic, Artem  [Law - Elder Law]
Doherty, Bob  [Dentistry - Oral Surgery]
Eannazzo, Barbara  [Municipal Governent]
Edwards, Ann  [Community Volunteer]
Eisenberg, Barry  [Law]
Falcone, Jo  [Real Estate - Office Manager]
Fernandes, Paul  [Banking - Manager]
Ficalora, Paul  [Insurance - P&C Broker]
Fishman, Bill  [Law - Taxation]
Franzese, Jim  [Printing - Commercial] (honorary)
French, Dawn  [Hospital] (honorary)
Ganis, David  [Banking - Business Banker]
Genovese, Donna  [Law - Matrimonial]
Goldberger, Charlie  [Law - Probate]
Graessle, Mike  [Real Estate - Residential Sales]
Greenberg, Carol  [Health Services - Home Care]
Griffith, Kim  [Banking]
Hierath, Lars  [Education - Head of School]
Hoffman, Artie  [Education - Retired Teacher]
Holden, Steve  [Law - General Practice]
Hollahan, Libby  [Library - Foundation E.D.]
Katz, Paul  [Financial Planning]
Kearns, Geri  [Finance]
Kenney, Brian  [Library - Executive Director]
Kirkpatrick, John  [Law-Environmental]
Kontogiannis, George  [Law - Trust & Estates]
Koplinka, George  [Printing - Bank Supplies] (honorary)
Lafaro, Rocky  [Finance-Vice President, Investments]
Landry, Bob  [Accounting - Tax]
Langsam, Janet  [Non Profit - Executive Director]
Loeb, John  [Government - Ambassador]
Lopez, Sylvia  [Banking - Manager]
Lowenfels, Alan  [Finance - Fixed Investments]
Lubarsky, Neil  [Law - Estate Planning]
Mayer, Shelley  [Government - NYS Senator]
McCallion, Lauren  [Law - Estate Planning]
Meranda, Jake  [Law - Workers Compensation]
Miano, Fred  [Finance - Retired]
Milde, Karl  [Law - Intellectual Property]
Miller, Heather  [Non Profit - Executive Director]
Mills, Betheny  [Non Profit - Development]
Misquero, Dorila  [Retired]
Moncada, Peter  [Banking - Commercial]
Morzello, Andy  [Education - Administration]
Moss, Daryl  [Health care services]
Nygreen, Ted  [Chief Information Officer] (ED)
O'Connor, Kevin  [Dentistry - General Practice]
Oudheusden, Frank  [Business - merchant]
Owens, Jill  [Law - Business Litigation]
Penny, Ralph  [Financial Planning]
Ramsdell, John  [Medicine - Surgery (retired)]
Rende, Joe  [Title Insurance]
Ricca, Joe  [Education - Superintendent]
Roach, Tom  [Law - Trial] (honorary)
Russo, Tony  [Retail - Wine]
Salimbene, Mike  [Finance - Discretionary Portfolio Management]
Savey, Jason  [Financial Planning]
Scanlan, Rich  [Law - Trial]
Schere, Jonathan  [engineering (retired)]
Schribman, Dave  [Insurance - Employee Benefits]
Schwarz, Paul  [Community Volunteer]
Severino, Larry  [Medicine - Obstetrics & Gynecology]
Sharp, Don  [Banking - Retired]
Shaw, Bob  [Law - Real Estate]
Silverman, Leon  [Real Estate - Commercial Developer]
Singleton, Fred  [Education] (honorary)
Tabakman, Diane  [Retired] (honorary)
Thorp, Steve  [Retired] (honorary)
Via, Amy  [Real Estate Broker]
Vogel, Al  [Veterinarian]
Wallach, Brian  [Insurance - Personal & Commercial]
Weill, Charlie  [Finance - Mortgages]
Weitzenberg, Ted  [Insurance - Life]
White, Norman  [Clergy]
Williams, Frank  [Government] (honorary)
Wolff, Nick  [Real Estate - Residential]
Actives = 79     Honorary = 10     ED = 1

The Rotary Club of White Plains is Club 5043, District 7230, Zone 32, Region USCB, Federal tax ID 13-6111471.
"Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains" is tax exempt, New York State #219346, tax ID 13-6165380.

The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602.
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