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CAR SHOW June 3, 2012
Co-Sponsored with the Antique Automobile Club of Amereica

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20120603_22.JPG (3655314 bytes)
WPHS Parking lot at mid-day
(Gail and Paul Caruso walking in)
20120603_02.JPG (3211331 bytes)
Paul Bernstein and Evan Delman

20120603_03.JPG (3321401 bytes)
Evan Delman explains his car
to Paul Bernstein and Bill Fishman
20120603_24.JPG (3436931 bytes)

20120603_01.JPG (3230838 bytes)
Rotarian helpers during setup
(not too busy)
20120603_06.JPG (3186816 bytes)

20120603_27.JPG (4064113 bytes)
Wow (and huge)

20120603_09.JPG (4496947 bytes)
Vendor alley

20120603_35.JPG (3153591 bytes)
Nick Wolff selling cotton candy
(very poor sales day by Nick's standards)
20120603_26.JPG (3928485 bytes)

20120603_12.JPG (2338785 bytes)
Our volunteers made the difference...

20120603_13.JPG (2908992 bytes)

20120603_15.JPG (2815349 bytes)
Bruce Handler supervises the entrance desk

20120603_17.JPG (4305895 bytes)
Old Cadillac next to brand new C300 Coupe
(Larry Severino liked the 2013 small Mercedes!)
20120603_18.JPG (3782286 bytes)
Nick Wolff's portable easy chair... for the times when cotton candy demand was low...
20120603_25.JPG (4222763 bytes)

20120603_20.JPG (2885481 bytes)
David Schribman and George Kontogiannis working the entrance desk ($5 per spectator)
20120603_23.JPG (3730077 bytes)
Nick's R&R area grew in popularity
(also, it was in the shade of a tent!)
20120603_07.JPG (3644850 bytes)

20120603_11.JPG (2765302 bytes)
More hard work

20120603_05.JPG (3408795 bytes)


Mayor Tom Roach arrives for a visit


George Kontogiannis and Bill Fishman

20120603_32.JPG (2597250 bytes)
End of day: taking down the signs and cleaning up before the thunderstorms hit


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