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"20230613 Norman White's Installation as President (Effective July 1)"
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Norman White Installed as President

Norman's term didn't start officially until July 1, of course, but we had the ceremony on June 13th.
It was streamed via Zoom specially for Harry Bright, with all other members at the Library for a regular in-person meeting.
There is a video of the meeting starting after lunch, duration 33:48. It is low resolution (alas) but nonetheless memorable.
Click here to open the MP4 video (320MB)

"20230711 Member Biographies"
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"20230801 Waterstone Hosted us"
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"20230808 Remembering Harry Bright"
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"20230815 Rockland Boulders Baseball Night Out"
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"20230905 Irena Portenko Concert for Rotary"
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This link is a video excerpt of Irena's performance (duration 2:12)
FILE: Irena Concert for Rotary 20230905.mp4

"20230912 White Plains BID, Jenn Furioli"
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"20230919 Cookstove Project"
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"20231003 Annual District Governor Visit"
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"20231010 Ice Cream Social"
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"20231017 The Reluctant Soldier"
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"20231031 Stories from Morzello and Russo"
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"20231114 New Member BIOGRAPHIES"
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"20231121 School Superintendent Joe Ricca"
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"20231128 Evening Social"
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"20231205 Annual Meeting - Election and Assembly"
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"20231212 All About COFFEE"
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"20231219 WPHS Holiday Visit"
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"20240109 Heather Miller Weight Loss Journey"
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"20240116 Rev Lee Trollinger Tribute to MLK (and more)"
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"20240123 County Legislator David Imamura"
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"20240206 Capelli Innovative Idea for Downtown White Plains"
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"20240220 Supreme Court Judge and Supreme Magician"
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"20240229 Sandwiches event at Grace's Kitchen"
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"20240305 Monsignor Luke Sweeney"
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"20240312 Philippines Consul General"
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"20240319 Annual Saint Patrick's Observance"
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"20240402 President Norman White as Casey (at the bat)"
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"20240409 RCWP Historical Database and Club Administration"
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"20240416 Constance Kehoe American Revolution"
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"20240430 Impromptu Wine and Cheese Party"
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"20240510 Annual Loucks Dinner Served by RCWP Members"
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"20240618 President Susan Parish, Mercy University"
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