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On the cruise ship to Bermuda, three PDGs give President Nick Wolff some advice.

(PDGs from left, Glen Nygreen, Alan Nemlich, Joe Voves)


White Plains Club President Nick Wolff and Ted Nygreen at the first evening's dinner aboard ship.


Nick Wolff and Brian Wallach stand outside our cruise ship and show the proper dress for Bermuda activities. Note Brian's hat says "White Plains Rotary Club")
DG Andrew Cheng addresses the St. Georges Rotary Club, flanked by DG-elect Bob Benson and St. Georges club president Joan Davis.

Hamilton Club President Harry Kass enjoys the party on a windy deck with Alan Nemlich, DG Andrew, and Ted Nygreen.


Sandys Club President Vaughn Mosher introduces DG Andrew Cheng, as other club presidents wait...

(From left, Hamilton President Harry Kass, DG Andrew, Sandys President Vaughn Mosher, and Pembroke President Alan Pailing)


DG Andrew Cheng speaks to the Sandys club (and guests) on the dinner cruise in Hamilton Harbor.
The Pembroke Club holds its breakfast meetings at the Hamilton Yacht Club, where DG Andrew spoke to the assembled Rotarians.
PDG Paul Caruso enjoys the company of Pembroke Rotarian Delano Ingham over breakfast.

Rotarian Ingham is the chief engineer at Bermuda Broadcasting.

Pembroke Club President Alan Pailing thanks DG Andrew for his words.
Ted Nygreen and the Wallachs (Brian, Fritz and Beth) walk along Front Street en route to a Club meeting.

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