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Halo Club Dinner

October 18, 2007

Honoring immediate Past President Steve Holden III

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Annually, the unincorporated, loose association of past presidents of the Rotary Club of White Plains (aka "Halo Club") organize a dinner meeting to honor (?) the immediate past president and induct him/her into their loose, informal association.

This year it was Steve Holden who was inducted on Thursday, October 18, 2007. As you can see, he dressed for the occasion. 

As they say, "a good time was had by all."

20071018 Halo 046.jpg (890824 bytes) 071018_rotarydinner_03.JPG (2353267 bytes)
20071018 Halo 017.jpg (3164745 bytes)
Current President Ted Nygreen and PP Mike Graessle
20071018 Halo 001.jpg (3482287 bytes)
Pres-Elect Georgene Mongarella and Dave Richman
20071018 Halo 007.jpg (3480215 bytes)
VP Rosie Boone with President Ted Nygreen
20071018 Halo 010.jpg (3029283 bytes)
Helene Mogridge, Paul Bergins

20071018 Halo 005.jpg (3569995 bytes)
Nick Wolff, Paul Katz

20071018 Halo 053.jpg (2791043 bytes)
Jim Franzese, Bob Coe

071018_rotarydinner_36.JPG (3187158 bytes)
Halo Club Performers

20071018 Halo 043.jpg (3883077 bytes)
RCU performers

20071018 Halo 003.jpg (3417528 bytes)
John Ramsdell, Bill Vrooman, Jim Gardner, Jim Franzese
071018_rotarydinner_33.JPG (3180165 bytes)
Steve being inducted into the Halo Club

071018_rotarydinner_40.JPG (3259892 bytes)
RCU from the other end of the chorus line

20071018 Halo 014.jpg (3744650 bytes)
Georgene Mongarella, Neil Connelly

071018_rotarydinner_34.JPG (3217465 bytes)
More Halo Club Performers

071018_rotarydinner_18.JPG (3252713 bytes)
All kisses for Steve!

20071018 Halo 051.jpg (3479602 bytes)
Ted Nygreen, Norm Syzmanski

071018_rotarydinner_22.JPG (3158253 bytes)
PP John Wirth is the pianist
071018_rotarydinner_24.JPG (2991678 bytes)
Induction Ceremony
071018_rotarydinner_55.jpg (1750768 bytes)
Acceptance Speech
071018_rotarydinner_56.JPG (3102971 bytes)
Celebratory cake
071018_rotarydinner_62.JPG (3422695 bytes)
All men Rotarians
20071018 Halo 052.jpg (3154467 bytes)
Ted Nygreen, Jack Rose

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