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Halo Club Dinner

October 16, 2008 Honoring immediate Past President Ted Nygreen
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Every year the past presidents of the Rotary Club of White Plains (aka "Halo Club") organize a dinner meeting to honor (or roast) the immediate past president and induct him/her into the Halo Club.

This year Ted Nygreen was inducted on Thursday, October 16, 2008.

The only guests were Ted's father, Glen, and wife Nancy. All others seen here are members of RCWP.
20081016 RCWP 017.jpg (4149598 bytes) 20081016 RCWP 057.jpg (4868628 bytes)
20081016 RCWP 043.jpg (5169165 bytes)
Andy Morzello made a wonderful PowerPoint reviewing Ted's life
20081016 RCWP 004.jpg (3841201 bytes)
Paul Katz, Harry Bright

20081016 RCWP 007.jpg (2957202 bytes)
Mike Baker, Tina Mancuso

20081016 RCWP 003.jpg (3535822 bytes)
Glen Nygreen, Andy Morzello with Past President Ted
20081016 RCWP 009.jpg (3534554 bytes)
Standing: Bill Fishman, Antonio Rosamilia, Charlie Goldberger, Bob Lapp; Seated: Barbara Bel, Paul Bergins, Hélène Mogridge
20081016 RCWP 015.jpg (3658029 bytes)
The "RCU Girls" sang a song to Ted, appropriately with their keyboards
20081016 RCWP 026.jpg (3411909 bytes)
Former club presidents with their halos on
(Rich Scanlan, presiding)
20081016 RCWP 028.jpg (3772329 bytes)
IPP Ted watches as Halo members decide whether to induct him into their club
20081016 RCWP 016.jpg (1174345 bytes)
Jo Falcone, Elena Tax, Tricia Laine, Georgene Mongarella
20081016 RCWP 032.jpg (3630378 bytes)
Once inducted, Ted speaks to the audience

20081016 RCWP 008.jpg (3122793 bytes)
Bill Van Vlack, Ralph Penny, Bob Lapp

20081016 RCWP 051.jpg (5504459 bytes)

20081016 RCWP 064.jpg (911383 bytes)
Rich Scanlan, Andy Morzello, Harry Bright, John Ramsdell, Nick Wolff, Jo Falcone, Karl Milde
20081016 RCWP 069.jpg (1516572 bytes)
Lots of Halo members

20081016 RCWP 081.jpg (1628448 bytes)
Newly inducted Ted Nygreen speaks

20081016 RCWP 001v.jpg (1144630 bytes)
Glen Nygreen, Dorila Misquiero

20081016 RCWP 010v.jpg (882484 bytes)
Karl Milde, Barbara Bel

20081016 RCWP 035v.jpg (1588511 bytes)
Collette Gotte gets a hug from Harry Bright
20081016 RCWP 021v.jpg (772868 bytes)
Ted Nygreen with his teddy-bear and personal tribute poem written by Georgene Mongarella
20081016 RCWP 022v.jpg (971976 bytes)
Nygreen family enjoying the proceedings
20081016 RCWP 030v.jpg (1085270 bytes)
PDG Glen Nygreen with his halo

20081016 RCWP 031v.jpg (674273 bytes)
A more serious Ted Nygreen

20081016 RCWP 011v.jpg (454853 bytes)
A never-serious Jo Falcone

20081016 RCWP 039v.jpg (1153227 bytes)
From the life history PowerPoint, a picture of little Teddy
20081016 RCWP 002.jpg (3575469 bytes)
John Magaletti, Alan Lowenfels

20081016 RCWP 074v.jpg (1632153 bytes)
Paul Katz and Glen Nygreen in the halo-club processional line
20081016 RCWP 085v.jpg (1398441 bytes)
President Georgene Mongarella gets a hug from Ted -- she made the evening a fabulous success!

The "RCS Girls" wrote a song...
Here are the lyrics.


Georgene wrote a poem to Ted
Here it is. . .


The evening's PROGRAM
(for the record)


If you'd like to see Andy Morzello's PowerPoint of Ted Nygreen's life, you can download this huge 40MB file;
it is a .PPT file (compatible with the old Office 2003). Click here to download Teddy.ppt

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