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Halo Club Dinner

October 16, 2011 Honoring immediate Past President Paul Katz
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(Photos by our own Bill Fishman)
Every year the past presidents of the Rotary Club of White Plains (aka "Halo Club") organize a dinner meeting to honor (or roast) the immediate past president and induct him/her into the Halo Club.

This year Paul Katz was inducted on Thursday, October 16th.

Paul Katz, RCWP President 2010-2011
DSC_0755.JPG (5722626 bytes)
Paul and wife Joan Katz
DSC_0698.JPG (5995486 bytes)
Harriet Lerner, Tina Mancuso
DSC_0700.JPG (5907821 bytes)
Ted Nygreen. Geri Kearns
DSC_0696.JPG (5692208 bytes)
Ralph Penny, Andrew Morzello, Mike Graesle

DSC_0697.JPG (6035170 bytes)
Arthur Kaplan, Larry Severino

DSC_0702.JPG (5861827 bytes)
Alan Lowenfels, BobShaw,
Fred Miano, Jonathan Schere
DSC_0704.JPG (5611460 bytes)
David Schribman, Gawain deLeeuw
DSC_0703.JPG (6006706 bytes)
Carl Winterrose, Paul Schwarz, Jim Franzese
DSC_0699.JPG (5891175 bytes)
Steve Holden, Frank Mascari, Joan and Paul
DSC_0707.JPG (5760363 bytes)
Paul, Marty Epstein, George Kontogiannis
DSC_0713.JPG (6124680 bytes)
Harriet Lerner with Tony Russo
DSC_0710.JPG (5811561 bytes)
Leon Horwitz, Norm Szymanski
DSC_0711.JPG (5470421 bytes)
Harry Bright  and Kevin Hunt
DSC_0712.JPG (5854783 bytes)
Paul, Steve Holden, Heather Miller
DSC_0709.JPG (6377757 bytes)
Larry Severino, Kevin Hunt, Paul, Mike Baker
DSC_0718.JPG (5358127 bytes)
Ted Nygreen honoring Paul's presidential year
DSC_0721.JPG (5516751 bytes)
Paul enjoying the compliments
DSC_0725.JPG (5248168 bytes)
Andy Morzello as Master of Ceremony
DSC_0726.JPG (5379553 bytes)
Georgene Mongarella's tribute to Paul
DSC_0730.JPG (5407851 bytes)
Harry Bright praising Paul
DSC_0736.JPG (5545891 bytes)
The HALO CLUB sings Paul's anthem
DSC_0743.JPG (5450797 bytes)
Paul is delighted to join the Halo Club
DSC_0752.JPG (5594866 bytes)
Joan and Paul Katz
DSC_0715.JPG (5509440 bytes)
Paul Bronzo, Ralph Penny

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