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Halo Club Dinner

October 11, 2012 Honoring immediate Past President Neil Connelly
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(Photos by our own Bill Fishman)
Every year the past presidents of the Rotary Club of White Plains (aka "Halo Club") organize a dinner meeting to honor  the immediate past president and induct him/her into the Halo Club.

This year Neil Connelly was inducted on Thursday, October 11th.

Neil Connelly, RCWP President 2011-2012
20121011_PP_Dinner_00.jpg (2464273 bytes)
Rotarians Lisbet Acuna, Carolyn Johnson, Carol Greenberg, Jo Falcone, Lena Cavanna
20121011_PP_Dinner_10.jpg (84099 bytes)
Neil Connelly at the beginning of the Halo Club induction ceremony

20121011_PP_Dinner_37.jpg (56722 bytes)
HALO CLUB Induction Ceremony
Annual event for RCWP

20121011_PP_Dinner_01.jpg (105484 bytes)
Larry Severino, Libby Holahan

20121011_PP_Dinner_03.jpg (88571 bytes)
Mike Graessle, Steve Holden, Paul Schwarz, Janet Langsam, Ralph Penny
20121011_PP_Dinner_11.jpg (100130 bytes)
Nick Wolff

20121011_PP_Dinner_02.jpg (93978 bytes)
Carol Greenberg, Lena Cavanna

20121011_PP_Dinner_05.jpg (76892 bytes)
Andrew Morzello

20121011_PP_Dinner_08.jpg (65033 bytes)
Rich Scanlan

20121011_PP_Dinner_23.jpg (61101 bytes)
Mike Graessle
20121011_PP_Dinner_30.jpg (75494 bytes)
John Ramsdell
20121011_PP_Dinner_12.jpg (74145 bytes)
Nick Wolff (top part)
20121011_PP_Dinner_31.jpg (84909 bytes)
John Lennon Lookalike

20121011_PP_Dinner_32.jpg (90604 bytes)
Because Neil is such a Beatles fan...

20121011_PP_Dinner_34.jpg (94450 bytes)
Paul Katz, Carol Greenberg, Harry Bright, Neil, Georgene singing "With a little help from my friends"
20121011_PP_Dinner_39.jpg (88291 bytes)
Lopsided halos Harry Bright, Ted Nygreen

20121011_PP_Dinner_41.jpg (107156 bytes)
Ira Bernstein, Larry Severino and John Ramsdell missing halos, and Jo Falcone
20121011_PP_Dinner_42.jpg (75281 bytes)
Steve Hoilden with illuminated halo

20121011_PP_Dinner_43.jpg (76580 bytes)
Rich Scanlan and Mike Graessle voting on Neil

20121011_PP_Dinner_44.jpg (81188 bytes)
Georgene Mongarella adorns a very special halo

20121011_PP_Dinner_45.jpg (95003 bytes)
Ted Nygreen, Paul Katz with halos

20121011_PP_Dinner_46.jpg (90690 bytes)
No comment

20121011_PP_Dinner_47.jpg (86501 bytes)
Ralph Penny, Rich Scanlan, Mike Graessle

20121011_PP_Dinner_48.jpg (81179 bytes)
Finally, a serious acceptance speech

20121011_PP_Dinner_50.jpg (81609 bytes)
More serious speeches

20121011_PP_Dinner_52.jpg (82171 bytes)
Finally lightening up and accepting membership in the prestigious Halo Club
20121011_PP_Dinner_04.jpg (102084 bytes)
Harry Bright prefers to hug Lena Cavanna and Carol Greenberg
20121011_PP_Dinner_14.jpg (155424 bytes)
Neil about to try on the Rotary jock strap

20121011_PP_Dinner_20.jpg (68392 bytes)
Ted Nygreen opening a good bottle of Bordeaux for Neil and Susan
20121011_PP_Dinner_24.jpg (86433 bytes)
In addition to the jock strap, Neil received this unique Rotary-branded diaper
20121011_PP_Dinner_27.jpg (83318 bytes)
Jo Falcone doing an Italian showstopper!
Fabulous! You had to see it to appreciate...
20121011_PP_Dinner_36.jpg (102789 bytes)
Winding down, moustache drooping
20121011_PP_Dinner_40.jpg (83892 bytes)
Ralph Penny and the liveliest halo of all

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