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Halo Club Dinner

October 17, 2013 Honoring immediate Past President David Schribman
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(Photos by our own Bill Fishman)
Every year the past presidents of the Rotary Club of White Plains (aka "Halo Club") organize a dinner meeting to honor  the immediate past president and induct him/her into the Halo Club.

Schribman dressed up 20131017.jpg (58141 bytes)x
Dave Schribman, RCWP President 2012-2013
DSC_1261.jpg (80405 bytes)
Elly and Dave before the ceremony

DSC_1263.jpg (78671 bytes)
Georgene Mongarella begins the ceremony

DSC_1269.jpg (71629 bytes)
Georgene honoring David in a serious moment

DSC_1268.jpg (75105 bytes)
Ted Nygreen gives David's biography
(still a serious ceremony)
DSC_1290.jpg (51105 bytes)
Soon to become a member
DSC_1271.jpg (73592 bytes)
Now the fun begins
David gets dressed up
DSC_1275.jpg (62609 bytes)
Jo Falcone prepares to be a nurse

DSC_1284.jpg (71371 bytes)
Jo Falcone and Steve Holden prepare to check the patient
DSC_1279.jpg (89725 bytes)|
The patient is Nick Wolff!
Doctors Steve Holden and Mike Graessle
DSC_1287.jpg (71720 bytes)
The End
What does it all mean?
DSC_1291.jpg (79829 bytes)
And the RCWP Past Presidents sing under their halos
John Ramsdell, Ralph Penny, Rich Scanlan
DSC_1292.jpg (76575 bytes)
Karl Milde, Nick Wolff

DSC_1293.jpg (73199 bytes)
Harry Bright, Ted Nygreen

DSC_1294.jpg (69317 bytes)
Josephine Falcone

DSC_1295.jpg (77790 bytes)
PP David Schribman enjoying the fun

DSC_1296.jpg (61815 bytes)
Ira Bernstein, Chauncey Walker

DSC_1297.jpg (90170 bytes)
Nick Wolff, Georgene Mongarella

DSC_1300.jpg (69759 bytes)
John Ramsdell

DSC_1310.jpg (74763 bytes)
David's daughter and wife enjoy the fun
Amanda and Elly Schribman
DSC_1316.jpg (89073 bytes)
David Schribman's speech

DSC_1259.jpg (94732 bytes)
Rotarians Bill Currie, Andy Morzello, Larry Severino


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