Area 3 Social Party

 February 11, 2005, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM at Mitty's Steak House in Hartsdale

On Friday, February 11, 2005, Rotarians from Hartsdale, White Plains, Elmsford, Tarrytowns, and Dobbs Ferry met at Mitty's Restaurant on Central Avenue for a social hour, to meet and chat with other Area Rotarians.

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20050211RotaryArea3Party(01).JPG (1854061 bytes)
Len and Helen Andrew from Tarrytown chat with DGD Bob Cucinell of Harsdale
20050211RotaryArea3Party(03).JPG (1278461 bytes)
Hartrsdale's own Ron Tvert and Ed Covelli

20050211RotaryArea3Party(04)WPwomen.JPG (1695860 bytes)
WHITE PLAINS members Geri Kearns, Ann Burton, Collette Gotte, Karen Lennon
20050211RotaryArea3Party(21).JPG (1914552 bytes)
RCWP's Judy Perrin in the crowd socializing

20050211RotaryArea3Party(15).JPG (1465827 bytes)
Bob Cucinell and Jim McGough (Tarrytown)

20050211RotaryArea3Party(20).JPG (1588499 bytes)
Quad Village's ever-present Tom Minozzi, with Donna Cusinell and Ed Covelli
20050211RotaryArea3Party(19).JPG (1478851 bytes)
What's my name?

20050211RotaryArea3Party(17).JPG (1655649 bytes)
Katherine Cintron (WP) with Ron Tvert

20050211RotaryArea3Party(16)PresElectsGraessle+Holden.jpg (1201486 bytes)
WP Graessles and Holdens
(Betty Lou and Mike, Steve and Susan)
20050211RotaryArea3Party(09).JPG (1682352 bytes)
Quad Village members take a break at the table

20050211RotaryArea3Party(22).JPG (1684355 bytes)
Barbara Nalven, Bob Cucinell, Debbie Cooke, Dan Nalven

20050211RotaryArea3Party(23).JPG (1504878 bytes)
Ted Nygreen and Katherine Cintron (White Plains)

20050211RotaryArea3Party(02).JPG (1895936 bytes)
Tarrytown's Sylvia Hawes

20050211RotaryArea3Party(08).JPG (1599033 bytes)
DG Don Lee with RCWP's Collette Gotte and Judy Perrin
20050211RotaryArea3Party(13).JPG (1964298 bytes)
Animated conversation from Lou del Rosario with Madga and Allan Nemlich
20050211RotaryArea3Party(10).JPG (1530298 bytes)



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