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Rotary's 100th Birthday Party

 District 7230 held a Centennial Party at the Millennium Hotel at the U.N. in New York City. The Empire State Building was lit in Rotary colors!

On Wednesday, February 23, 3005, we all gathered at the Millennium Hotel by the United Nations to celebrate Rotary's Centennial. The Empire State Building was lit with Rotary colors, and Rotarians from across 7230 gathered and chatted. Some White Plains members rode in a stretch limo.

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20050223 Rotary100 (19) Martins.JPG (1533293 bytes)
Martins (Chappaqua)

20050223 Rotary100 (18) Ira Bernstein, John Ramsdell (44 years each).JPG (1625033 bytes)
White Plains longest members Ira Bernstein and John Ramsdell (44 years each)
20050223 Rotary100 (17) Ciccios (Denise and Joe).JPG (1332042 bytes)
Ciccios (Bronxville)

20050223 Rotary100 (10) Larry, Ann Burton, Karen Lennon.JPG (1739728 bytes)
White Plains members Larry Severino, Ann Burton, Karen Lennon
20050223 Rotary100 (14) DG Lee, Greg Arcaro.JPG (1641368 bytes)
DG Don Lee,
AG Greg Arcaro

20050223 Rotary100 (05) Bensons.JPG (1467319 bytes)
PDG Bob Benson, wife Doris

20050223 Rotary100 (08) Greg Lynch, Glory (Yorktown).JPG (1543290 bytes)
AG Greg Lynch (NY) and Glory (Yorktown)

20050223 Rotary100 (09) John Hilliard.JPG (1561551 bytes)
Bronx Rotarians share a laugh while eating

20050223 Rotary100 (12) Ed Birdie (Riverdale).JPG (1388747 bytes)
Ed Birdie, Riverdale

20050223 Rotary100 (15) Bill Fishman, Kathy Cintron.JPG (1694355 bytes)
Bill Fishman, Katherine Cintron (White Plains)

20050223 Rotary100 (16) Hymes and Cucinells.JPG (1878986 bytes)
The Hymes and the Cucinells (Bronxville, Hartsdale)

20050223 Rotary100 (13) Ozgem Ornektekin.JPG (1439196 bytes)
Ozgem Ornektekin, Metro NYC

20050223 Rotary100 (07) Bersteins, Zinas, Schere.JPG (1586207 bytes)
Ira Bernstein and Jonathan Schere with Madagascar Ambassador Zina
20050223 Rotary100 (04).JPG (1616157 bytes)
White Plains President Jo Falcone and Katherine Cintron riding in the stretch limo
20050223 Rotary100 (11) Rosa Boone, Ira Bernstein.JPG (1360293 bytes)
RCWP Rosa Boon and Ira Berstein

20050223 Rotary100 (22).JPG (1717164 bytes)
The White Plains team in front of the stretch Navigator



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