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Ted Nygreen's end-of-year party: June 27, 2009


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Jack Rose, Even Delman, Jonathan Schere
20080627 Party 006 Rose, Delman, Schere.jpg (3370233 bytes)

Ralph Penny, Charlie Goldberger, Mike Graessle (3 pink PPs)
20080627 Party 010 PPs in pink.jpg (3380582 bytes)

A bunch of PPs
20080627 Party 011 PP Group.jpg (3534934 bytes)

Harry poses with the Roses
20080627 Party 008 Bright, Roses.jpg (3671618 bytes)

Barbara Vrooman, Nick and Aileen Wolff
20080627 Party 013 Barbara Vrooman, Wolffs.jpg (3764848 bytes)

The Mianos, Jo Falcone, and Jonathan Schere
20080627 Party 014 Mianos, Jo, Jonathan.jpg (3517631 bytes)

Carolyn Johnson, Rosie Boone, Harriet Lerner, Jo Falcone
20080627 Party 015 Carolyn, Rosa, Harriet, Jo.jpg (4135399 bytes)

Socializing near the bar
20080627 Party 016.jpg (3905808 bytes)

A group of PPs
20080627 Party 012 More Group.jpg (3589208 bytes)

Eating time (living room)
20080627 Party 017.jpg (4208750 bytes)

Eating time
20080627 Party 018.jpg (4355856 bytes)

Eating time (end of solarium)
20080627 Party 019.jpg (4450241 bytes)

A view of the solarium
as groups had dinner
20080627 Party 021.jpg (4050841 bytes)

Rosie Boone, Dave Schribman
20080627 Party 007v Boone, Schribman.jpg (3494827 bytes)

Steve Holden, Charlie Goldberger
20080627 Party 009v Holden, Goldberger.jpg (3606689 bytes)

Looking down the solarium
20080627 Party 020v.jpg (3916740 bytes)

Nygreen hung a sign on the street saying "Rotary Meets Here"
20080627 Party 001.jpg (4322554 bytes)


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