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Rotary Club of White Plains, NY
September 27, 2012

Just a social evening at Sam's of Gedney Way

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20120927_Party_Sams_19.JPG (3109044 bytes)
Ted Nygreen, Jonathan Schere, Bill Fishman

20120927_Party_Sams_07.JPG (3122443 bytes)
Spencer Barback, Mary Rahe, George Kontogiannis

20120927_Party_Sams_15.JPG (3047247 bytes)
Neil Connelly, Paul and Joan Katz

20120927_Party_Sams_16.JPG (3082091 bytes)
Brian Wallach talking to a friend

20120927_Party_Sams_08.JPG (3140670 bytes)
Lots of Heather Miller's guests

20120927_Party_Sams_10.JPG (3130012 bytes)
Rich Scanlan, Dorothy Schere, Steve Holden, Jonathan Schere, Leon Horwitz

20120927_Party_Sams_09.JPG (3137734 bytes)
Geri Kearns, Mike Baker and friend

20120927_Party_Sams_17.JPG (3054805 bytes)
Bill Fishman and George Kontogiannis

20120927_Party_Sams_12.JPG (3124623 bytes)
Leon Horwitz and Harriet Lerner
20120927_Party_Sams_18.JPG (3079632 bytes)
Reflections in the mirror


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