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Rotary Year 2004-2005 Photo Memories

Jo Falcone becomes President at the Induction Ceremony on June 22, 2004
Declares herself Queen and begins waving magic wand immediately. Casts a spell!
Internationally renowned architect Fred Schwartz presents his winning design for the Westchester County 9/11 memorial to be built at Kensico Dam
20040720 Architect Fred Schwartz.jpg (266228 bytes)

Collects the Joker (BIG money)
from President Jo on July 27, 2004 20040727 Soley Wins Joker.JPG (1907520 bytes)

WP Hospital Center CEO Jon Schandler speaks to RCWP on September 28, 2004
20040928Schandler.JPG (1970219 bytes)
September 14, 2004
Three new members inducted
20040914 Rotary (01).jpg (1806969 bytes)
September 21, 2004: 9/11 Memorial Wall
Reviewing the story of the "Rotary Wall" in Hartsdale, as described by the artist herself, Jen Dragon.
(Lou DelRosario from Elmsford was the DG's aide in 2003-04 who coordinated the wall project)
20040921 Jen(1).JPG (1966429 bytes) 20040921DelRosario.JPG (1901565 bytes)
October 6, 2004
A typical 8 AM Board Meeting
20041006Rotary Board Meeting.JPG (1305412 bytes)
October 26, 2004: Rotarian Evan Delman describes his experience delivering a fire truck to Ecuador, one of our club's international service projects.
20041026 Evan Delman (3).JPG (1875825 bytes)
Thank you Don Wilson!
Don is retiring to Maryland, and November 2nd was his last RCWP meeting. President Jo presented Don a certificate of appreciation for his service.
20041102 Rotary(2)DonWilson.JPG (1818617 bytes)
Our program on November 2, 2004, was put on by the American Lung Association, focusing on asthma. One of the speakers was 14-year-old Eric Frieman, who told us of his lifetime struggle with asthma
20041102 Rotary(3)EricFrieman.JPG (1717516 bytes)
20041030OTB Wolff, Graessle, Falcone.jpg (295040 bytes) On To Bermuda

The annual trip to Bermuda with the Governor (DG Don Lee) was October 23-30, 2004.

These gentlemen are Nick Wolff, Mike Graessle and Joseph Falcone (spouse of our Queen)

On November 30th, our program was about  Charlie Lagond and his music school. With his students, Charlie put on a real show! 20041130 Rotary Lagond Music (04).jpg (532277 bytes)
Charlie Lagond improvises with 2 students
20041130 Rotary Lagond Music (06).jpg (515465 bytes)
Truly ad lib...
20041130 Rotary Lagond Music (07) Nicol Norris cropped.jpg (131344 bytes)
Nicole Norris sings
20041130 Rotary Lagond Music (10) Jo watches Nicol Norris .JPG (1593721 bytes)
Grandma Jo watches Nicole with admiration
Our wine raffle this year raised $6,000 plus we had a fun wine tasting on Dec 2nd at Sam's of Gedney Way.

Our team included Ann Edwards, Larry Severino and Georgene Mongarella.

Cheers owner Michael Grossberg with our team

Georgene and Ann were everywhere organizing the event.

Paul Bergins at the tasting.
December 7, 2004
Dean Stephen J. Friedman
Pace University Law School
20041207 (2) Stephen Friedman (smiling).JPG (1988264 bytes) 20041207 (4) Stephen Friedman.jpg (403849 bytes)
January 4, 2005 Amber Martin explores Guatemala (Amber is daughter of Rtn Dave Martin)
20050104 (3) Amber Martin.jpg (549910 bytes)
Roomful of Rotarians listen attentively
20050208 Roomful listening.JPG (1703529 bytes)
February 8, 2005
Rotarian Sandy Miranda extols the WP Public Library
Guests Mayor Delfino and Board President Hope Furth
20050208 Sandy Miranda.JPG (1832599 bytes)
20050208 Mayor-and-Hope Furth.JPG (1792115 bytes)
February 11, 2005 was a multi-club social, attended by Rotarians from 5 clubs in Area 3.
Some WP women party 20050211RotaryArea3Party(04)WPwomen.JPG (1695860 bytes)
Pres-Elects Graessle and Holden, Betty and Susan 20050211RotaryArea3Party(16)PresElectsGraessle-and-Holden.jpg (1201486 bytes)
February 22, 2005
Rabbi Shira Milgrom tells the horror of the tsunami
20050222Rabbi.jpg (1236563 bytes)
March 1, 2005
Jack Klugman visited
Klugman, Jack 20050301.jpg (17553 bytes)
March 1, 2005 County Executive Andy Spano gave his annual "State of the County" address to our club.
Rtn Tony Stimac and his friend Jack Klugman with Jo
20050301 Rotary (01) Stimac, Falcone, Klugman.JPG (641984 bytes)
Jack greeting Andy Spano, County Executive
20050301 Rotary (12) Spano and Klugman handshake.JPG (556048 bytes)
PDG Carolyn Meub (D7870) passionately explains "World Water Day" and projects in Honduras... very moving! 20050322 PDG Carolyn Meub.jpg (943995 bytes) April 5, 2005
American Cancer Society Executive Director Rick Lepkowski
 20050405 ACA Rick Lepkowski.JPG (482704 bytes)
Bridges to Community builds houses in Nicaragua
Mark Rollins, President of the Rollins Insurance Agency, said it changed his life forever. 20050329 Mark Rollins.jpg (1108656 bytes) Laura Elmore said they work, learn and reflect with groups of executives volunteers. 20050329 Laura Elmore.JPG (1626547 bytes)
2005 Group Study Exchange to Korea,
visited our club on April 12, 2005
20050412 GSE leader Rho (1).JPG (1843415 bytes) 20050412 GSE team (2).JPG (1809515 bytes)
The main program on April 12th was by Patrick Hayford, Director of African Affairs in the Executive Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations. What a powerful presentation.
20050412 Patrick Hayford (1).JPG (1798889 bytes)  20050412 Patrick Hayford and George Koplinka.JPG (1937223 bytes)
New Paul Harris Fellows, recognized by RCWP for Service Above Self! 20050412 PHFs (1).JPG (2010669 bytes) May 3, 2005: Fred Singleton whips up enthusiasm for this year's Loucks Games 20050503 Rotary (5) Fred Singleton.JPG (1536808 bytes)
May 10, 2005: Superintendent Tim Connors supports the budget
20050510 Connors (5) School Budget.JPG (1598189 bytes)
Wiley Harrison receives the 2005 Ethics Award on May 10, 2005
20050510 Ethics (4) Wylie Harrison award.JPG (1561418 bytes)
20050517 Jessie Stone, MD.jpg (527236 bytes) May 17, 2005
Dr. Jessie Stone told us about her work in Uganda to prevent the spread of malaria and other diseases.
20050614 Installation (02) Jo Wands Goodbye.JPG (663606 bytes) June 14, 2005
President Jo waves her pink wand to signify her departure as club President. PDG Andy Morzello thanks Jo, while Pres-Elect Mike Graessle looks on.

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