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RCWP Supports OSAAT January 31, 2015

Warm and caring hearts prevailed on Saturday, January 31st as 25 members of the Rotary Club of White Plains braved biting, bitter winds and temperature below 10° for a day of service at the Thomas H. Slater Center. Held in conjunction with One Sandwich At A Time (OSAAT) and thanks to the coordination of RCWP member Libby Hollahan, we made, served and delivered food to the homeless.
We were joined by spouses and friends of Rotarians, youth from St. Christopher’s and staff of the Slater Center. OSAAT was cofounded by RCWP member George Kontogiannis, and was named by the Today Show as one of the 25 Inspirational Stories for 2014.  Volunteers had a good time and successfully made hundreds of sandwiches.

Remember that Rotary is about having fun and doing good! What could be a better example than this Rotary service!
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20150130_osaat_01_IMG_9671.JPG (5745665 bytes)
20150130_osaat_06_IMG_9676.JPG (6047774 bytes)
20150130_osaat_17_IMG_9687v.JPG (5737973 bytes)
20150130_osaat_19_IMG_9689v.JPG (5441893 bytes)
20150130_osaat_10_IMG_9680v.JPG (6108223 bytes)
20150130_osaat_15_IMG_9685.JPG (5885775 bytes)
20150130_osaat_22_IMG_9692.JPG (5138927 bytes)

20150130_osaat_25_IMG_9695.JPG (5863049 bytes)
20150130_osaat_53_osaat2.jpg (329558 bytes)
20150130_osaat_04_IMG_9674.JPG (5982971 bytes)
20150130_osaat_07_IMG_9677.JPG (4494245 bytes)
20150130_osaat_57_Rotary2.jpg (1181776 bytes)
20150130_osaat_08_IMG_9678.JPG (5803929 bytes)
20150130_osaat_47_IMG_9718.JPG (4155500 bytes)
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