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Jonathan Schere, club president 2018-19

June 12, 2018

Jonathan receives his President's pin.
The pin is a ruby Rotary pin passed
down to the new president each year.

After receiving the gavel from Libby, Jonathan is surrounded by RCWP Past Presidents

June 12, 2018
Jonathan outlines his goals for the upcoming year

July 10, 2018
First meeting of the new Rotary year! Happiness dollars from the prior year were donated, with Foundation trustees Bergins, Weill, Graessle accepting the check

July 10, 2018 - Ted Nygreen explains FIRST Robotics -
This is STEM education at its finest, involving students doing engineering - called the 'varsity sport for the mind.'

July 17, 2017
Imran Kazmi (Crystal Heart)
consultant and Pakistani citizen, on Pakistan-US geopolitical relationships

Aug 21, 2018
Vito LaRusso educated us on the
sport of pigeon racing!

7/10/2018 President Jonathan with
PP Ted Nygreen, our speaker on

7/31/2018 Senator Shelley Mayer
NYS Senate District 37

September 4, 2018
Gina Avila is the founder of WEI

October 2, 2018 featured new member biography for Artem Djukic

Oct 2, 2018 featured new member biography for Betheny Mills

10/9/18 County Executive
(and Rotarian) George Latimer

10/2/18 Visiting Rotarian Heide Pichler-Herritsch from Villach Park, Austria, recounted her family history after WWII with the Rotary Club of White Plains!

Gina Avila, head of the
Women's Empowerment Institute

Major Jenny Alarcon taught us all about the Army, especially the WP Corps

Rotarian Steve Holden proudly received
his Paul Harris recognition pin from
President Jonathan for PHF+3

Past Presidents Dinner November 27, 2019
aka "HALO CLUB" annual dinner and induction ceremony admits Libby Hollahan into exclusive club

[click any thumbnail for a larger photo in a separate window]

Past President George Kontogiannis organized a formal ceremony including candlelight procession...
A few past presidents welcome Libby Hollahan. . . . . . Libby addressing the audience. . . . First Man Tom gets flowers. . .

Oct 20, 2018 SOCKTOBER

PP Heather Miller awarded her
PHF+6 pin ("plus 6")

Speaker Lionel Binney on
Omni-channel retailing
December 18, 2018
Saint Nick visits (Nick Wolff)

12/18/2018 Annual Performance by White Plains High School String Ensemble
At the end of 6 selections, the ensemble jollied us with a holiday tune (0:37)
December 18, 2018 Performance by White Plains High School String Ensemble included a piece by the Mariachi group (1:06).
(This is the only high school Mariachi band in New York state.)  And of course they performed Mozart (1:52), among others.


New Year! January 8, 2019
White Plains Mayor Tom Roach "State of the City"


January 22, 2019 Judge Geotge McKinnis,
Bronxville Rotarian and DG Designate 2021-22,
explains the US "mass incarceration crisis."

He presented distressing prison statistics for the USA, which has the largest prison population in the world as a result of the various regressive laws relating to our war on drugs...

George McKinnis proposed a "Community Restorative Justice Program" which avoids prison with the ‘right’ defendant who shows at least a spark of desire to improve his or her life. There is more that needs to be done:
  • Decriminalize non-violent crimes as much as is reasonable.
  • Release those who were given long prison sentences for possession of drugs, except for true drug dealers.
  • Repeal all laws that bear mandatory prison sentences as they leave a Judge no discretion.
  • Convince all Courts of criminal jurisdiction to develop sentences that are curative and that do not impose imprisonment, as I have done. This does not work for all defendants, indeed, it only works with a handful of defendants, but for those for which it works, their lives are changed for the better.

T[his] will take a serious legislative fight and years. Based on my experience to date, convincing sitting Justices to use a curative restorative justice sentence that they must supervise for a full year is very, very uphill. It takes a lot of time to handle each person who has a one year program. However, if we can save just a few people from a degraded and foul life of frequent imprisonment and a criminal career, our Justices should do it."

4th Annual Fundraiser "EAT WELL, DO GOOD" festival, Jan 30, 2019

Another wonderful evening of craft beer, fine wine, and food sampling! We are grateful to our event partners, Sam's of Gedney Way, Caperberry Events, Great American BBQ Co. La Bocca Ristorante, Aries Wine and Spirits, and Broken Bow Brewery for helping us plan a terrific event! Other participating vendors are: Walter's Hot Dogs (yes, the food truck will be there), Morton's Steakhouse, White Plains Bake Shoppe, Frank's Food Court, Alex's Lounge, Chocolations, and Delicias del Jirez!

20190130_EWDG_Audience.jpg (313041 bytes)
Audience during presentation
20190130_EWDG_Donor Caperberry Events.jpg (239312 bytes)
Caperberry Events
20190130_EWDG_Donor Partida Tequila.jpg (273037 bytes)
Partida Tequila ready to serve
20190130_EWDG_Donor Chocolations Maria Valente.jpg (221213 bytes)
Chocolations desserts (!)
20190130_EWDG_Schribmans.jpg (239820 bytes)
Happy Schribmans (and Mike)
20190130_EWDG_Kim Griffith,Amy Via.jpg (188046 bytes)
Happy Kim Griffith, Amy Via
20190130_EWDG_Donor Franks.jpg (238044 bytes)
Franks Food Court: More yummy
20190130_EWDG_Ira Levine,Ted,Rocco,Jonathan.jpg (191115 bytes)
Ira Levine, Ted, Rocco, Jonathan
20190130_EWDG_Goldbergers,Ramsdells.jpg (233317 bytes)
Goldbergers, Ramsdells
20190130_EWDG_Sponsors.jpg (227583 bytes)
20190130_EWDG_Scanlans,Weills.jpg (222557 bytes)
Scanlans, Weills

20190130_EWDG_McCallions.jpg (203988 bytes)
20190130_EWDG_Dave Ganis,Peter Moncado.jpg (173946 bytes)
David Ganis, Peter Moncada

20190130_EWDG_Pete Romeo,Rick Jackson,David Schribman.jpg (167140 bytes)
Pete Romeo, Rick Jackson, D Schribman
20190130_EWDG_Ted,Ted,Rocco.jpg (197896 bytes)
Ted, Ted, Rocco
20190130_EWDG_Reception.jpg (281127 bytes)
Amy, Barbara, Jill, Heather
20190130_EWDG_Norman and Kaye White.jpg (250533 bytes)
Norman and Kaye White
20190130_EWDG_Recipients.jpg (314494 bytes)
Grant Recipients smiling
20190130_EWDG_Larry Severino,Jenny Alarcon.jpg (170603 bytes)
Larry Severino, Jenny Alarcon
20190130_EWDG_Joyce White between guests.jpg (208471 bytes)
Joyce White with 2 guests
20190130_EWDG_Lowenfels,Lubarskys.jpg (176616 bytes)
Alan Lowenfels, Lubarskys
20190130_EWDG_Artem,George,plus2.jpg (177624 bytes)
Artem and George with 2 guests
20190130_EWDG_Libby plus 2.jpg (250912 bytes)
Libby Hollahan, 2 guests
February 5, 2019
Larry Woodward, President and CEO of Graham Stanley Advertising. He had been President of an Interact club and showed a picture of his club. He gave an interesting talk about Big Ideas and said that they are everywhere. He convinced General Motors to give a car to everyone in the audience at one of Oprah's shows. The cost was $ 7 million, but he got $20 millions in publicity. It was the biggest single day promotion in history. He stated that if you "see an elephant" you will capture imagination and the idea will spread rapidly and will have a big impact by its size. WE all behave as if our way is better; we should change our perception. Since he was a member of Rotaract, he was asked why he wasn't a Rotarian. His response was that no one asked him. He was asked today ...

2/5/2019 Larry Woodward

April 27, 2019 - Saturday Morning Cleanup at Playland
Working with Westchester County Parks were Rotarians Jason Savey (with his 2 sons), Bill Fishman, Dave Ganis, and Libby Hollahan

April 28, 2019 - Sunday Morning Cleanup at Playland
Cleanup of the pool area were Rotarians Peter Moncada, Bob Shaw, John Kirkpatrick, Libby Hollahan, Rocky Lafaro, Ted Nygreen, Amy Via, Paul Schwarz

April 2, 2019
Coach Fred Singleton has been a major force behind the Loucks meet for many years and RCWP has been a supporter almost since its inception.

April 16, 2016
Andy Morse, Managing Director at Hightower Advisors, is an investment expert who has served on boards of major corporations. He explained investing in common stocks.

April 28, 2019
Rotarian Amy Via
Enjoying the Sunday morning cleanup work at Playland Pool
(Rotary is about having fun!)

March 19, 2019
Dennis Power entertains with Irish songs, a much beloved annual performance  since 2002. Nick Wolff thanks you for the blarney all these years, Dennis!

April 30, 2019 - Alan Lowenfels presented Rotary's Service Award to Dr Stephen Zabin. An ophthalmologist, Steve has volunteered numerous times in Nepal's mountain villages performing surgeries on locals without medical care.
LOUCKS 2019 Report

Memorial Day Parade in White Plains May 26, 2019


June 4, 2019
Westchester Commissioner of Social Services Kevin McGuire presented a concise explanation of the mission and work of the County's largest department; very impressive and informative.

June 11, 2019
Ellen Pollack Rieve transferred from Waterbury Rotary, and immediately volunteered as delegate to the RI convention in Hamburg, Germany.
Today Ellen reported on her trip.

June 11, 2019
Induction of new members Nick Beilinson, Jake Meranda, and Lars Hierath

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