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Rotary Trivia Quiz

These 5 randomly selected questions are about Rotary International, the Foundation, or our district. See how much you know about your favorite organization. Click the radio button to reveal the answers ...

  1. Directors on Rotary International's Board serve a term of what length?
    one year
    two years
    three years
    at the discretion of the President
    Although all Rotary club and district officers have one-year terms, RI directors serve for a term of 2 years.  [ID:7]

  2. In early 2006, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative announced that the number of remaining countries that have never stopped indiginous polio transmission was down to what number?
    The four remaining countries are Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, Pakistan  [ID:10]

  3. In 1911, the first Rotary clubs outside North America were established in:
    The first two overseas clubs were in Dublin and Belfast, Ireland, organized by the same Stuart Morrow who was a member of the San Francisco club.  [ID:30]

  4. Since 2005, March was designated as Literacy month. In 1990, 70% of the world's adult population was literate. In 2000, an estimated 799 million adults in the world were illiterate, which translates to a literacy rate of what?
    In 2000, the literacy rate was 80% -- a commendable increase over 1990. Two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults were women.  [ID:42]

  5. In 2014, what was the cost of one dose of oral polio vaccine?
    10 cents
    The Rotarian July 2015 reported that to cost was $1.00 for 10 doses  [ID:61]

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