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Rotary Trivia Quiz

These 5 randomly selected questions are about Rotary International, the Foundation, or our district. See how much you know about your favorite organization. Click the radio button to reveal the answers ...

  1. Rotary International is the spearheading member of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and is the largest private sector donor, having contributed how much by 2016?
    $100 million
    $600 million
    $1 billion
    $1.6 billion
    As of 2016, Rotary has contributed more than $1.61 billion for the global eradication of polio, PLUS hundreds of thousands of Rotary volunteers have provided support for polio eradication activities and continue by making financial contributions.  [ID:11]

  2. Rotary membership reached one million in which year?
    This membership milestone was achieved in 1985  [ID:22]

  3. Who is the 100th president of the White Plains Club?
    Bill Fishman
    Ted Nygreen
    Libby Hollahan
    Josephine Falcone
    Only our 98th year, but the 100th president  [ID:59]

  4. The amount that Rotary contributed in 2014 toward polio eradication.
    $14 million
    $128 million
    $255 million
    $375 million
    According to the Rotarian (July'15) R.I. invested $128 million in calendar year 2014  [ID:60]

  5. In 2019, Nigeria had not experienced a new case of polio in 3 years, leaving only 2 countries in the world that remain polio-endemic.
    India and Bangaladesh
    Pakistan and Afghanistan
    Sudan and Dakar
    Philippines and Myanmar
    In the year GPEI was launched, 1988, there were more than 350,000 cases of polio in 125 countries. As of 2019, only 2 remain polio-endemic: Pakistan and Afghanistan.  [ID:66]

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The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540. Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602. Website created August 2001.

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