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The Rotary Club of White Plains is Club 5043, District 7230, Zone 32, Region USCB, Federal tax ID 13-6111471.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1712, White Plains NY 10602.

Our "Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains" is tax exempt, New York State #219346, tax ID 13-6165380.

Website created August 2001.

The Rotary Club of White Plains was chartered October 1, 1919, charter number 540.

Scholarship Winners Through the years...

Our Scholarship Program

In 1961, under the leadership of Dr. Morton Flaherty, our club established the Scholarship Foundation to manage a fund for college-bound graduates of Archbishop Stepinac High School, Good Counsel Academy and White Plains High School.

The Foundation of the Rotary Club of White Plains has grown over the years. There are now seven "named scholarships" that honor particular Rotarians and individuals.

Click here to open a window describing the named scholarships!

1Christian AguilarWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
2Nicolette BeneventoWPHSRotary Scholarship
3Samantha CarranzaWPHSRotary Scholarship
4Natalia CastanoWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
5Dylan CastroStepinacThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
6Ben CovelloWPHSRotary Scholarship
7Brian DervinStepinacRotary Scholarship
8Robert EatmonWPHSWPHS Music Awards
9Brooke FalveyWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Diego GallegoWPHSStephen Thorp Scholarship
11Joana GjeciWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Teresita GrossWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Ethan KlipsteinWPHSRotary Scholarship
14Lowell KlipsteinWPHSRotary Scholarship
15Abigail LeoneWPHSRotary Scholarship
16Kelly MarxWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
17Christiane RathsackWPHSWPHS Music Awards
18Brian Reyes-MartinezWPHSRotary Scholarship
19Flavia RojasWPHSRotary Scholarship
20Pacheco SayuriWPHSRotary Scholarship
21Jennifer SierraWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
22Maya SousaWPHSRotary Scholarship
23Jaclyn TungWPHSGeorgene Mongarella Scholarship
24Christopher VelezWPHSRotary Scholarship
1Julia Ballantoni WPHSWPHS Music Awards
2Carolina Cardozo-JacquetWPHSRotary Scholarship
3Sarah CassidyWPHSGeorgene Mongarella Scholarship
4Ernik DokajWPHSRotary Scholarship
5Nicole EscobedoWPHSRotary Scholarship
6Zixiong FengWPHSRotary Scholarship
7Miguel GomezWPHSAndrew Morzello Scholarship
8Elana HausknechtWPHSWPHS Music Awards
9Daniel HidalgoWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Edwin HidalgoWPHSRotary Scholarship
11William JordanWPHSStephen Thorp Scholarship
12Ruba KhanWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
13Katherine Martinez-ValdezWPHSRotary Scholarship
14Elisa Mateo-SajaWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
15Gabriella Paese NobileWPHSJosephine Falcone Scholarship
16Ximena Galvan OlveraWPHSRotary Scholarship
17Izayah PowellWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
18Domenico ProcopioWPHSRotary Scholarship
19Princess Joy RacadioWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
20Evelyn Lopez RodriguezWPHSRichard Scanlan Scholarship
21Julisa SandovalWPHSRotary Scholarship
22Harshal ShetWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
23Kieran TironeWPHSRotary Scholarship
24Julianne TungWPHSRotary Scholarship
25Evelyne VelezWPHSRotary Scholarship
1Jacob BradyWPHSRotary Scholarship
2Brandon CabaleiroStepinacThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
3Alex FiallosStepinacRotary Scholarship
4Cardon FurryWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
5Brian GomezWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
6Marissa GrandeWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
7Amanda GrantWPHSRotary Scholarship
8Jacob HarelickWPHSWPHS Music Awards
9Sinead HuntWPHSStephen Thorp Scholarship
10Rasheed KalilStepinacThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
11Mariana Lopez-GonzalezWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Josephine MercadoWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Madison SacramoneWPHSGeorgene Mongarella Scholarship
14Samira SalameWPHSRotary Scholarship
15Sarah SamaranayakeWPHSWPHS Music Awards
16Sarah SiebesWPHSRotary Scholarship
17Wilmer SiguenciaWPHSRotary Scholarship
18Katherine SuquiWPHSRotary Scholarship
19Paul TerminelloStepinacRotary Scholarship
20Austin TrejosWPHSRotary Scholarship
21Diego ZamataWPHSRotary Scholarship
1Elizabeth AguilarWPHSRotary Scholarship
2Valerie AlexanderWPHSRotary Scholarship
3Sharon AmaroWPHSRotary Scholarship
4Alisa ChoubayWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
5Ashley DacostaGood CounselThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
6Joseph DeSanctisStepinacRotary Scholarship
7Rizza EstacioWPHSRotary Scholarship
8Anthony FanteWPHSRotary Scholarship
9Corinne FischerWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Jose Huerta VidalsWPHSRotary Scholarship
11Raina KadavilWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
12Stephanie MauriWPHSRotary Scholarship
13William McTeigue (Violin)WPHSWPHS Music Awards
14Jocelyn NietoWPHSRotary Scholarship
15Anthony PanatStepinacRotary Scholarship
16Isabelle PhilippeWPHSJohn A. Ramsdell Scholarship
17Melissa PreudhommeWPHSRotary Scholarship
18Danielle ReggioWPHSRotary Scholarship
19Francisco RiosWPHSRotary Scholarship
20Cesar RojasWPHSIra J. Bernstein Scholarship
21Jocelyn SanchezWPHSRotary Scholarship
22Joseph TerrignoStepinacThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
23Nina TuckerWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
24Shawn VeliyathuStepinacRotary Scholarship
25Fernando VillagraWPHSRotary Scholarship
26Angelina Woltman (Cello)WPHSWPHS Music Awards
1Jennifer Altagracia-AbrueWPHSRotary Scholarship
2Theodore Chomiak (Cello)WPHSWPHS Music Awards
3Victoria CignarellaWPHSRotary Scholarship
4Emma ClarkeGood CounselRotary Scholarship
5Matthew DesjardinStepinacThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
6Angelica DilorioWPHSRotary Scholarship
7Gabriel EspinozaWPHSRotary Scholarship
8Morgan M. FalveyWPHSRotary Scholarship
9Madelyn GallardoWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Liza R. GellermanWPHSRotary Scholarship
11Melissa A. GuarinWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Tomas HeroldWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Mayra A. JadanWPHSRotary Scholarship
14Brian LaPlacaWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
15Michael LotitoWPHSRotary Scholarship
16Hannah W. LoWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
17Claire Nataro (Flute)WPHSWPHS Music Awards
18Lisa M. NilajGood CounselRotary Scholarship
19Paula PiedrahitaWPHSGeorgene Mongarella Scholarship
20Emily QuaratoGood CounselRotary Scholarship
21Blair SabolWPHSRotary Scholarship
22Charlie Torres-IglesiasWPHSRotary Scholarship
23Ayan WaiteWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
1Marisa BarzelattoWPHSRotary Scholarship
2Dianna BriceWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
3Trevor BullockStepinacThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
4Stephanie CamposGood CounselRotary Scholarship
5Christopher CardonWPHSRotary Scholarship
6Aaron DaughtreyWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
7Jack DunningWPHSRotary Scholarship
8Taylor FalveyWPHSRotary Scholarship
9Alyssa GhilardiWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Tabitha GlashenWPHSThe Frank Mascari Scholarship
11Jimmy GramanjoWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Dorshelle GuillaumeWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Michelle HerzenbergWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
14Nileena JohnkuttyGood CounselThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
15Victor LazarteWPHSRotary Scholarship
16Anthony MiroStepinacRotary Scholarship
17Omose OgalaStepinacRotary Scholarship
18Lekha PatelWPHSRotary Scholarship
19Maria SuarezWPHSRotary Scholarship
20Christopher TorresStepinacRotary Scholarship
21Arana YajayraWPHSRotary Scholarship
1Josephine AlexanderWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
2Freddy ArceWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
3Claudia BenitezWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
4Shaina BradyWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
5Daniel BuonacoreStepinacRotary Scholarship
6Leonardo ContrerasWPHSRotary Scholarship
7Thomas DevinStepinacRotary Scholarship
8Sara EspinozaWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
9Rodolfo GarayWPHSRotary Scholarship
10Robert GoldWPHSRotary Scholarship
11Diego GomezWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Maria GomezWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
13Michelle GonzalezWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
14Brenda LopezWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
15Gabriela Britto-LopezWPHSRotary Scholarship
16Yma OriaWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
17Brianna OrtizGood CounselRotary Scholarship
18Kelsey PastoreWPHSThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
19Amanda PugliseGood CounselThe Gloria Rita Bronzo Scholarship
20Luiz RibieroWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
21Leslie SalazarWPHSRotary Scholarship
22Carlos SeminarioWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
23Michael SurovichStepinacRotary Scholarship
24Paulo TrissollineWPHSRotary Scholarship
25Emele UkaStepinacThe Gloria Rita Bronzo Scholarship
26Cheyenne Vlymen-WilliamsWPHSWPHS Classes of 1969-70 Scholarship
1Diego AguilarWPHSJohn R. Bronzo Scholarship
2Katherine BonnetWPHSRotary Scholarship
3Tynisha BriceWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
4Gustavo De AndradeWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
5Hannah GamielString BassWPHS Music Awards
6Jessica GonzalezWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
7Marlena HolterGood CounselThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
8Shawn JacksonWPHSThe Frank Mascari Scholarship
9David MansorWPHSThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
10Angie OcampoWPHSRotary Scholarship
11Blake PattonWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Alex RetamozoWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Danielle SquillanteGood CounselRotary Scholarship
14Griffin TaylorTenorWPHS Music Awards
1Joseph BarbalacoStepinacThe Edward Anderberg Scholarship
2Rachel BenjaminWPHSThe Thomas W. Bachman Scholarship
3Regina BradyOboistWPHS Music Awards
4Jacob CarmenTrumpeterWPHS Music Awards
5Kelly Matinez-CastroWPHSRotary Scholarship
6Maribel CuatecoWPHSThe Michelle and Michael Mooney Scholarship
7Amanda SimmonsWPHSThe Frank Mascari Scholarship
8Princess DemickisWPHSRotary Scholarship
9Kevin FisherWPHSThe John W. Ruger Scholarship
10Sam HodgesWPHSRotary Scholarship
11Zachary KashdanWPHSRotary Scholarship
12Omar LazaroWPHSRotary Scholarship
13Martin O’DonnellWPHSRotary Scholarship
14Kristie PriceGood CounselThe Henry O. Mertens Scholarship
15Rodolfo RamirezWPHSRotary Scholarship
16Nayib ValdiviaWPHSRotary Scholarship
17Michael ValentinoWPHSRotary Scholarship
18Marie VitaliGood CounselRotary Scholarship
19Stephanie YeungWPHSRotary Scholarship

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